Do you photograph destination weddings?

Though I photograph weddings all around New York State, I am certainly also available to photograph destination weddings worldwide. 

Where are you located?

Come Together Studios is based out of Syracuse, NY and I frequently photograph weddings throughout the Upstate New York, Hudson Valley and New York City areas.

Do you offer videography?

No, I specialize in wedding photography but am happy to refer trustworthy videographers for your wedding day needs.

Our schedule and location won't allow us to meet in person, what are our other options?

Often times my clients live out of the Central New York area and in those cases I am more than happy to schedule a skype or phone meeting.

How do I reserve Come Together Studios for my wedding date?

Once you decide that Come Together Studios is the right choice to photograph your wedding day, you'll receive a contract and retainer invoice via email which are both necessary to reserve your date. All of our correspondence occurs within an easy to use, secure, online booking system. Please click here to contact me and find out if your wedding date is currently available. 



Do you have a formal education in photography?

Yes, I have a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I find that the education that I received from the School of Visual Arts has greatly aided in my knowledge and ability to create beautiful photographs.

How many years have you been photographing weddings?

I have been photographing weddings for the past seven years and have shot over 300 weddings around New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico.

What's your philosophy regarding wedding photography? 

Throughout your wedding day, I will be unobtrusively and professionally capturing beautiful moments. I will give you guidance and posing when the time is appropriate... however, I will not make you feel as though your wedding day is in any way an uncomfortable or tiring photo shoot. I will capture your wedding day story as it unfolds naturally, and will also efficiently execute the formal family portraits in a professional and experienced way. 

I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life together as a couple. As such a significant day... it deserves creative and professionally made images telling the full story of your wedding day. My passion is to provide you with timeless photographs that you will be able to enjoy with your children and grandchildren.

What is your photography style?

I consider the style of my photography to be a natural blending of both portrait and photojournalistic photography. I am passionate about capturing natural, candid moments as the occur... and am equally as passionate about using creative lighting techniques to create gorgeous wedding day portraits. Candid moments professionally photographed alongside creative and beautiful portraiture... those are the images that my clients receive and therefore are able to relive their wedding day story. 



Have you photographed at my venue before?

I have photographed weddings at numerous venues around Upstate New York, Hudson Valley and the New York City area. If I book a wedding at a venue that I haven't yet photographed in and would like to see it beforehand, I will make it a point to arrive early and do some scouting and test shots. 

My wedding venue is quite dark inside, how do you handle these situations?

Over the course of the past seven years, I have gained invaluable experience successfully photographing weddings under difficult and dark lighting situations. Success in these situations requires the knowledge of how to combine ambient light with off camera lighting. Through years of experience I have learned how to create professional, clean lighting in a wide variety of difficult situation. My clients always receive beautiful, professionally lit wedding photos. 

Will you be the photographer shooting my wedding?

I am the lead photographer at Come Together Studios, and will always be the photographer that captures your wedding day. If you decide to book an additional second photographer, I will hire a second photographer that has his or her own professional photography business and they will join me to photograph your wedding day.

Are all of the photos that we receive professionally edited?

I believe that editing the photographs from your wedding day is part of my creative process, and therefore all of the photos that you receive after your wedding day will have been professionally edited.

What rights do we have to the digital photos?

Your edited wedding photos will be uploaded into an online gallery, from which you may download and print them. You may also share this downloadable gallery with your family and friends if you so decide. You will also receive a USB drive containing your edited photos and a copyright release as well. The copyright release will grant you permission to print, build albums with and share your photos on the web. 

How many images will be delivered after our wedding day?

On average, couples will receive between 800-1100 edited photographs from their wedding day. I believe that the photos that I capture during your day will visually tell your wedding day story. Having around a thousand photos from your day will give you nearly endless images to aid in reliving all of the special moments from your special day.